Back from Dragon*Con!

You take towels on the TARDIS, right?

You take towels on the TARDIS, right?

My pilgrimage to Geek Mardi Gras is always a highlight of the year. These days it’s something more - an opportunity to demo Tiny Epic RPG. I ran “The Pirates of Redtide Island” 3 times this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out and tried something different! And a BIG thank you to everyone who picked up the game—!


Friday Afternoon’s Game

INTELLECT: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME!  3 Heroes with an average INT slightly under 8! These brainiacs circumvented every trap and ambush, making effective use of Tanaka’s Wayfinding abilities, Ariel’s pet Wyrmling (the perfect scout), and Angarmar’s Replicate Marvel power to triumph over evil! Hu

The line-up:

  • Tanaka: Tengu - Sorcerer - Wayfinder
  • Ariel: High Elf - Tinker - Bonded Wyrmling
  • Angarmar: Steam Dwarf - Paladin - Vitalogist



Saturday Afternoon’s Game

Monster Game! Only one person showed up to play initially, but when we were down to just stragglers in the marshaling room, I somehow ended up with full table of 6 heroes!   Alianna became the voice of reason, Lord Effington supplied Grofland with small animals to use as bludgeoning weapons (no actual animals were harmed), Charlatan kept everyone on their best behavior, A-kekosan went in the front doors, and Morond WAS the brute squad. And even though Lord Effington caught me rubbing the bridge of my nose more than once, I had a blast! 

The line-up:

  • Lord Effington: Steam Dwarf - Witch - Risen Pharaoh
  • Charlatan: Half Elf - Harlequin - Lord in Exile
  • Alianna: Dark Elf - Priest - Enchanted Tattoo
  • Grofland: Half Elf - Gladiator - Demigod
  • Morond: Half-Giant - Warrior - Half-Demon
  • A-kekosan: Kitsune - Gunslinger - Life Well Lived

Saturday Night’s Game

And they said I'd never amount to anything.

And they said I'd never amount to anything.

I had an opportunity to play in a Tiny Epic game run by J.D. with friends Ken, Michael, and Alison. I played a Gnome Sorcerer and Master of Assassins. There was much taunting! Unfortunately I didn’t take notes on what everyone else played as it was VERY late and I MAY have had a drink or two, but one of the highlights of the game were these little achievements that J.D. handed out! Thanks for running J.D.! 


Sunday Afternoon’s Game 

CHARISMA: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME!  4 Heroes with an average CHA of 7…and an average INT of 2.75. They made up for their lack of brain with all-natural suspicion. These guys figured out where the adventure was headed pretty quickly. Lothario quickly became the leader, Tomo and Keko supplied the killin', and Nygychuk used Savvy at an opportune moment to see through a powerful illusion and land a killing blow.

The line-up:

  • Tomo: Islander - Gunslinger - Prophet
  • Keko: Kitsune - Assassin - I’m Not Left-Handed
  • Nygychuk: Islander - Scoundrel - Oneiromancer
  • Lothario: Dark Elf - Tinker - Prince of Thieves

Next year I'll be adding additional slots, enough to make me a full volunteer GM. With 6 slots I could run two different Tiny Epic adventures a couple of times each and at least one or two experimental games/playtests.

Did you go to Dragon*Con? Did you play in any games? Drop me a line! 

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